Workshops on interpretive methods for natural and cultural history, and on communicating geology to the public in parks and museums.

Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG)
Four-day workshops to earn your credential as a Certified Interpretive Guide through the National Association for Interpretation (NAI).

National Park Service (NPS)
A series of workshops to train ranger-naturalists to incorporate the geological landscape and its deeper meanings into interpretive programs on the natural and cultural history of national parks.

Workshops for interpretive professionals in parks and museums, designed to help them incorporate seismic, GPS, and other geophysical monitoring of the active landscape into their programs on natural and cultural history.

Oregon Master Naturalist
Geological and interpretive writing, illustration, and training as part of a statewide program to train a core  of volunteers to enrich their communities on Oregon’s natural resources through conservation education, scientific inquiry, and stewardship activities.

Other Training
Workshops on geology and interpretive methods presented in various venues.         © Robert J. Lillie 2015